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Applied-Ai | Simplify Fintech

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Use Advanced Intelligence to simplify Fintech

Applied-Ai provides the SaaS platform AppliedLMS, which helps lenders grow, manage and educate their customers. Applied-Ai analyzes millions of data points from your portfolio and recommends actionable next steps based on a library of proven advice. It also works in real-time, providing instant feedback on how your team’s working and what needs further attention. As a result, Applied-Ai is already saving our partners hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, slashing costs and automating many mundane tasks that once took hours to complete.

Trusted Software Solutions

Applied Ai does the heavy lifting to crunch the numbers, interpret the data and help you make better decisions. If you want to become more productive, reduce loan losses and customer churn, improve customer satisfaction—reach us today.

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Amazing Service For The Modern Digital Lender & Savvy Consumer

Reduce operation costs with our Loan Management System

Applied-LMS is a complete Loan Management System that uses advanced intelligence from hundreds of data points. Automation can take away the guessing and minimize operation costs and delinquency. 


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